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Custom Facials 

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Aqua Facial & Jet Peel 

                                             $210        90 Min

 Heaven for Dry Skin

Aqua facial is a hydration facial with microdermabrasion with a light peeling solution to optimize hydration. Aqua facials are great for acne, oily and normal skin. 


Express Facial                    $165           45 Min

This facial will help relax, rejuvenate and hydration with the use of steam, head massage, mask and moisturizer.

Acne Aqua / Adv Jet Peel     $225      120 Min

 Microderm is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. Microderm will, improve acne scarring skin tone fine lines and wrinkles. 

Includes extractions! Starts with aroma therapy steam, Cleanse, Scrub, Aqua peel, calming mask, head neck massage and finishing up with 15 min red/blue light therapy.



             Specialty Treatments

 Indian Head Massage

                                            $ 285   90Min 

Therapeutic and relaxing, Indian head massage is effective in treatment of stress-related ailments like migraines and headaches.  Indian Head Massage treatments include massage of the 40 min upper shoulder's, back, arms, hands and neck, 20 mins head massage and 15 min face and eye massage make up the main parts of the treatment. This treatment is very relaxing, please note your hair will be wildly out of control at the end of treatment. You will receive a 45 min express facial with this treatment. 




                                 Back Facial Treatments

  Hot Stone Back Massage /Facial   120Min $225                      The relaxing Hot stone back facial will sure to relax.  Starts out with cleansing massage. Then a body scrub will take away all the dead skin and will rejuvenate. Then followed up with essential oils and a relaxing hot stone massage. Leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

 Aqua Acne Back Facial / Extractions 120Min                                                                     $225

Aqua machine will extract and hydrate using a peeling acne solution.  Steam will be used during cleansing and a scrub will be applied.  Extractions will be performed.   Calming mask will be applied to the back followed by acne moisturizer. 

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